Q. Do you ship to Canada?

A. Yes we do ship to Canada and many other countries. But our online store at DNLPhoto.com will only accept wholesale orders from the Continental US or Canada.

Q. Is a wholesale account required to order from DNLPhoto.com?

A. Definitely not, but you will have to call to place an order if you are outside the Continental USA. 800-845-9435

Q. How do I sign up for a wholesale account?

A. Fill out the required form on our Wholesale Account Request page.

Q. What are the differences between a wholesale and retail account?

A. The retail side of our store was created with smaller photographers in mind. The prices are higher on the retail side but the shipping cost is much lower and is predetermined based on the total cost of the order.

Q. What about the wholesale account?

A. The wholesale side of DNLPhoto.com features wholesale prices (obviously) and shipping costs that are determined by the actual products ordered. These shipping costs are as close to our actual shipping cost as our store can calculate.

Q. What is less expensive, wholesale or retail?

A. Wholesale is less expensive on large orders and retail is sometimes less expensive on smaller orders. The price difference on smaller orders between wholesale and retail is often very small.