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Artwork Submission Guidelines


  • Grayscale only...but with no grays - 100% Black & 100% White Only!
  • Flatten all layers
  • Use 600ppi (pixels per inch) at actual size. (If your logo is to be 2" wide the document must be at least 2" wide at 600ppi.)
  • Save as TIFF using LZW Compression. (This results in a smaller file size than using JPEG format.)
  • Grayscale only Yes this is listed twice!


  • Artwork needs submitted at actual size.
  • Create outlines of all fonts. To do this, use: Command/Control + shift + O
  • Save final file as ".pdf" or ".ai".

All Formats

  • Put the name of your studio in the file name. For example, Smithphotography.tif or Smith.tif

Submit Artwork

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Good Artwork   Unacceptable Artwork
  Convert Colors to Black & White
  Remove Drop Shadow & Halftones
    Low Resolution, recreate at 600 ppi
Possible correction   Gray will not reproduce, must remove or change gray

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